Fanfakids is a dozen of youngsters (between 7 and 15 years of age) who transform their youthful energy in an explosive concoction of rhythms. This is the metropolitan music mix that they grew up with in their headquarters (Centrum West) and that they can unleash anytime anywhere. No poses, no fake, honest and energetic, right in your face! They beat the hell out of bass drums and self-made PVC-bins. Despite their age, they have already performed in numerous venues over the globe. Their sheer enthusiasm guarantees a smile on many faces in the audience. They recently celebrated their 15th anniversary and they have developed a strong relationship with different drum and dance groups in Ghana and Guinea. Fanfakids put fun back in music!

Artistic direction: Nico Chkifi
Coordination: Bart Nagels
Production: Centrum West & MET-X

Where: Centrum West
Who: children and youngsters
When: Monday from 16h45 until 18h30, Wednesday from 14h until 17h (starters)
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